The Public History department is proud to work with a number of affiliated programs at Virginia Tech:

  • Center for Applied Technologies in the Humanities                                                                          CATH provides technological resources and opportunities to teachers, scholars, and students in the humanities. The Center focuses on bringing together humanities-based research, teaching, and/or outreach projects that require the application of new technology and strong infrastructural support. CATH’s goal is to be “at the forefront in applying the technologies that are revolutionizing research, teaching, and outreach in the humanities—a natural extension of the goals of Virginia Tech—a university renowned for its state-of-the-art uses of technology.”
  • Material Culture and Public Humanities                                                                                               This cross-disciplinary program combines material culture and public humanities, tying the two together through similar intellectual goals and a  skill sets.  The program defines material culture as the study of material or physical objects, as well as the placement of those objects in critical, theoretical and historical perspectives as the products of distinct cultures.    Public humanities,  on the other hand, bridges the divide between academia and the public by encouraging dialogue between scholars and communities on cultural and social issues.
  • Special Collections                                                                                                                         Newman Library’s Special Collections includes manuscript collections, rare books, and the University Archives. The collection also contains state, local and historical maps and photographs. Their mission is to collect and preserve unique, historical materials and provide access to them in their original form to researchers and visitors.
  • Virginia Center for Civil War Studies                                                                                                        The Virginia Center for Civil War Studies concentrates on the actions factors that that led to the war and its aftermath, as well as the people affected by it, through projects each year. The center provides an ideal setting to shed new light on the political, military, social, cultural, and human implications of the Civil War.