Final Meeting

Today was my last official meeting with Dr. Purcell for the Journal of East Tennessee. For the past few days I had looked over the .pdf file he sent me of the Journal contents. Basically, our meeting today was to discuss the last stages of production before it was sent to the layout artist. Also, he wanted to keep me up to speed with what the page-proofs would look like when they were produced in January or February.

Because I was an author for the volume, Dr. Purcell informed me that he would send me the page proofs for my research note in mid-January, with corrections that needed to be made. The same step is followed by the other authors. Once the corrected page proofs are sent back to Dr. Purcell, he and a couple other reviewers go through a second page-proof editing process, followed by a third. Generally, the contents of the Journal are finalized by the third set of page proofs. Then the Journal is ready to be sent to the printer in Michigan.

While technically my internship ends this semester, Dr. Purcell offered to send me the whole contents of the Journal to review in late winter. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of editing and working on the Journal, so I readily accepted the offer. Currently, it looks like the product will be finished by March, and distributed in April.

We concluded the meeting with a brief discussion of what the 2014 JETH might look like. Dr. Purcell showed me the image he wanted to use for the cover, and ran through the the current submissions he has, or has been promised. If things work out the way he wants, next year’s volume of the Journal will have a starkly different theme and direction from this year’s volume.

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