LaDale Winling, New Town Project

New Town: Across the Color Line Digital Exhibition is an online exhibit based out of the website of Special Collections at Virginia Tech. The exhibit is designed to understand the “geographical, spatial and population dynamics of New Town,” a largely African American community within historical Blacksburg. It includes scanned photographs and documents, such as property deeds, drawings, […]

David Cline, VT Stories

VT Stories started as an initiative of VT’s Special Collections to capture the stories of LGTBQ alumni. As the project grew, it attracted the attention of university leadership, who expressed interest in expanding it. VT Stories is now a campus-wide oral history funded by the Office of the President and managed by a variety of people […]

David Cline, CI Spy

CI Spy is an augmented reality application designed to teach school children how to use historical evidence to interpret the past. Despite the fact that only one building remains, the app presents a virtual recreation of the Christiansburg Institute, a school for African Americans that was founded after the Civil War and remained active until the […]