Featured Alumni


Alexis Mixon

Alexis Mixon is the most recent graduate on this list. She is currently working in retail, but will be attending George Washington University this fall as she pursues a M.A. in Museum Studies with a concentration in Exhibitions and Public Engagement. Alexis believes that her networking experiences at Virginia Tech have been the most beneficial to her as she goes beyond her undergraduate studies to pursue a graduate degree. Alexis worked closely with many professors in the History department at Virginia Tech and those professional relationships have helped her with career development, application processes, and academic historical work. Alexis believes that establishing professional relationships is integral to both academic and professional success. This Hokie may still be a fledgling historian, but is moving on to bigger and brighter accomplishments.


Andrea Ledesma

Andrea Ledesma is currently a M.A. candidate at Brown University in their Public Humanities Program. Her personal interests and professional focus revolves around the implementation of technology and multimedia into public history institutions. In addition to her studies, Andrea finds time to work as an intern for the National Park Service and is helping them develop content for their upcoming centennial. Andrea plans to finish her studies and keep a close eye on the job market over the next year. Andrea is especially interested in positions involving curation and digital media. Andrea says that her research and design experiences at Tech have been the most beneficial to her as she has moved away from Blacksburg. She believes that careful research coupled with an appealing layout can truly make or break an exhibit, and can impact the narrative of the content tremendously.  Expect to see big things from Andrea as she transitions from academic studies to professional practice.

Check out our interview with her here.


Kim Staub

Kim Staub is working as the Collections and Exhibitions Manager at the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, PA. Her work there is extremely dynamic as she helps take care of objects in the collections, helps manage the archives, and aids in the research and installation of new exhibits. Kim has also been actively furthering her education by taking classes on museum management and non-profit leadership. In addition to her work and studies, Kim finds time to serve as the vice-president of the Philadelphia’s Historic Neighborhood Consortium. This group helps advocate for museum collaboration and volunteer work in Old City Philadelphia. Kim plans to stay in the museum sector as she continues to hone her managerial skills. Kim says that her Graduate Assistantship in the Special Collections at Virginia Tech was essential to her employment at the Betsy Ross House. She feels that the History M.A. program and the assistantship with Special Collections gave her the curatorial, writing, and research skills necessary to succeed in the workforce. Kim is representing Virginia Tech well as a successful, professional Hokie.

Zlokas vtph

Rosemary Zlokas

Rosemary Zlokas is currently working as a Curatorial Assistant and Gallery Technician for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, TN. Rosemary’s position involves collecting, cataloguing, researching artifacts, preparing items to go on exhibit, the construction and deconstruction of temporary exhibits, and the maintenance of current exhibits. Rosemary is extremely happy with her work at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, but is actively looking for ways to challenge herself as she takes on new responsibilities in her current position and looks to advance herself professionally. Rosemary says that she is extremely thankful for her graduate assistantships as they gave her experience that prepared her for her job search and professional work as she entered the workforce. The diverse projects that she worked on at Tech made her a well-rounded historian as she completed her Public History certificate. Rose has taken her academic experiences as a Hokie and turned them into a successful Public History career.